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Che Green is a researcher, strategist, and thought leader focused on animal protection and sustainability. Through his work as a consultant, he helps ethical and sustainable businesses, funders, and advocates achieve their potential and bring about much needed change.

Current Projects

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Shooting the moon for alt proteins

Che is a co-founder of Moonshot Collaborative, a consumer research agency providing unparalleled access to thousands of plant-based and sustainability-minded shoppers to help understand their purchase decisions and how to appeal to them more effectively.
» Learn more at moonshotcollaborative.com

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Figuring out what works for animals

Che is the founder, former executive director, and current Treasurer of Faunalytics, a nonprofit research organization dedicated to helping animals by informing advocates. Faunalytics is a "top charity" that has championed effective animal advocacy for over 20 years.
» Learn more at faunalytics.org

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Building capacity for compassion

Che consults with foundations and philanthropists to help them measure the impact of their charitable giving, collect grantee impact data at all stages of the process, and make strategic decisions to increase effectiveness -- all with a focus on animal protection.
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Providing insights for sustainability

Che is the founder and principal of Cultivate Insights, a market research agency that helps ethical, healthy, and sustainable businesses conduct high-quality consumer and market research. Cultivate works with mission-aligned companies to grow their brands and sales.
» Learn more at cultivateinsights.com

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