Che Green

Che Green is a researcher and thought leader focused on animal protection and environmental sustainability. Through his work with Moonshot Collaborative and private consulting, he helps ethical and sustainable businesses, funders, and advocates achieve their potential and bring about much needed change.

My Current Projects

Moonshot Collaborative

Che is a co-founder of Moonshot Collaborative, which provides unparalleled access to thousands of plant-based and sustainability-minded shoppers to help understand their purchase decisions and how to appeal to them more effectively. 

Che consults with foundations and philanthropists to help them make strategic decisions and measure the impact of their charitable giving, with a focus on animals.

Faunalytics is a nonprofit research organization dedicated to helping animals by informing advocates. Che founded the organization in 2000 and currently sits on the board.

Cultivate Insights helps ethical, healthy, and sustainable businesses conduct high-quality consumer and market research for all stages of product development and marketing.

Contact Me

Or you can reach out to me on LinkedIn.